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Digestive Tea

The alchemy of these three spices create a digestive tea that stimulates digestion and soothes the stomach.  Make a batch in the morning and pour into a thermos to sip throughout the day. Your stomach will thank you.

Coriander supports digestion, combats allergies, and reduces bloating. It also supports the liver, one of the primary organs involved in detoxification and blood sugar balance.


Cumin sparks digestion, flushes toxins, prevents gas and bloating.


Fennel seeds stimulate digestive juices, reduce indigestion, and prevent gas and constipation.


1 tsp cumin seed

1 tsp coriander seed

1 tsp fennel seed


Total time: 15 mins

Bring 4 cups of water and all of the spices to a boil over flame. Turn off heat, cover and let stand for 10 minutes. Strain and store in thermos for the day.

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